Many landlords have certain rental requirements
they require potential tenants to meet. A lot of landlords will pre-screen anyone who makes an inquiry about a property to be sure that the potential tenant meets these requirements. This expedites the rental process significantly for both the landlord and the potential tenant.

Background Check Rental Requirements

There are many rental requirements
that could possible be necessary to meet to be approved for a property. A lot of the time the landlord will
do a preliminary screening. This could include, but is not limited to, a background check for criminal history.

Some landlords do not allow potential tenants to have certain criminal charges. Some of these charges may include, but are not limited to felony drug convictions, domestic convictions, registered sex offender convictions, theft convictions, etc.

The information that a landlord may ask for in order to do a background check would be everyone who will be living at the property’s full name if they are over the age of 18, their date of birth, and their current address. This is so the landlord can decipher between people with common names.

Evictions Rental Requirements

Many landlords have rental requirements
on if they accept potential tenants with previous evictions or a previous money judgement
from previous landlords. If they do accept evictions many times it is no more than two previous evictions.

If a potential tenant has previous evictions or a money
judgement from previous landlords it is usually not an automatic application denial. However the landlord may require proof that the potential tenant is entered into a payment agreement with the previous landlord before processing any application received or scheduling a showing for a property.

They may also require an applicant to have a qualified co-signer, double deposit, or both. This is to protect the landlord in case the tenancy doesn’t work out.

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