Most landlords have certain requirements that applicants are required to meet in order to be approved for a property. Some landlords require basic information about all the adults before scheduling a showing. This helps to make the time spent showing a listing more valuable for everyone.

Basic Requirements For Most Landlords

There are usually minimum income requirements to rent most properties. This so that the landlord can be sure the applicant isn’t going to be struggling each month when rent is due.

Landlords usually look for previous rental history. The new landlord will contact previous landlords. This information is usually asked for during the application process.

Credit checks are usually required as well. This helps to make sure the applicants have a good payment history. As well as to verify that they do not have any previous collections from landlords.

Another thing that most landlords may look at is criminal history. Many landlords have certain criminal convictions that may disqualify an applicant. This is something that may be done before a showing is scheduled. If they do they will usually ask for everyone’s full name that is over the age of 18. They may ask for a current phone number, and a current address. If an applicant has a common last name some landlords may also ask for their middle initial or date of birth as well.

Some landlords allow animals in their properties. Others don’t allow certain types of animals in certain properties that they manage. Some landlords may not allow animals at all. Usually during the screening process the landlord will ask the potential tenants if they have any pets. This is so they can determine if the property the potential tenant is interested in allows animals, or has specific animals that are allowed. There may also be weight and breed restrictions when it comes to dogs at their properties.

Efficiency is Key

All in all most landlords have certain requirements in place to make sure they are helping people see their properties in the most efficient way possible. As well as making sure all clients are treated with respect, honesty, and equally.

Most landlords will show their minimum rental requirements on their rental listings either on their website, Craigslist, Facebook, Zillow, etc. Anytime you are interested in a property ask the landlord what their minimal rental requirements are to rent from them. They will happily tell you as it will help make their processes more efficient!

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